Flues and flue liner installation

Stainless steel flue liners and flue liner installation are a must for any wood or multifuel stove burners. A flue is a pipe or opening in a chimney used to expel exhaust gases produced by your wood burning stove, and historically the flue was the name for the chimney itself. A correctly installed flue should be adjustable at conveying the noxious gases produced from burning woods and fuels whilst still maintaining heat retention from the stove.

We provide liners for flues, or in cases where you may not have a fireplace (such as a free-standing stove) we can install custom twin wall insulated flue systems anywhere in your home or business at a very reasonable cost.

It is extremely important to replace old flue liners and systems (over fifteen years old) that have been used regularly, as they are generally worn inside. Pointing in the brickwork surrounding the flue begins to fall out and corrode due to exposure to heat and sooty acids. Over time this can let carbon monoxide (CO) pass through into living or sleeping areas. Carbon monoxide will build up in your body over time, causing an irreversible and eventually deadly effect.

Being gas safe registered we can also inspect any other gas burning equipment (such as cooking stoves or combi boiler systems) too.

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