Custom built hearths

Hearths are designed to protect your home or conservatory from the heat produced from the underside of a wood or multifuel burning stove. Regulations can differ depending on whether the stove is a free-standing stove or installed within a fireplace recess such as an inset or cassette stove.

Rather than simply being a required regulation for a wood burning stove, we can provide custom built hearths that can really compliment the look and feel of the stove.

We custom build stove hearths to the exact size and shape required for rooms, stoves and chimney spaces.

Our custom built hearths are cut and formed from black, natural or blue limestone, or any sort of sand stone and natural slate. A guaranteed way to enhance the style of a modern wood burning stove in your home or conservatory.

For more information on our custom built hearths feel free to use the contact form or telephone 07768840723.